Little Caesars Personal Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza KitsIf there’s anything the past year and a half has taught many of us, it’s that we value being together. Seeing other people and just saying hi. Video calls and conferences over phones and computers just aren’t a replacement for anything, well, real. Virtual fads and necessities have come and gone yet we still have a need and demand for the inter-personal. No Zoom call will ever replace standing in the kitchen with a loved one and sharing time – and creating memories.

Many groups are heading back into the classroom, the field or assembly – and elsewhere – with a real need for getting things back on track. When it comes to fundraisers, we’ve learned a lot about our virtual option over the past year (almost). We agree: the virtual program is a good fit for some groups but after nearly a year, the jury is in. The traditional Little Caesars paper catalog blows away the virtual option we had to lean on so heavily last year. Our clients are seeing HUGE results with in safe in-person fundraising. It’s so easy to ignore an email and so many groups aren’t just the relentless sort of folks who feel comfortable sending daily email messages about their fundraiser.

We’ve known the secret of fundraising for years: 9 out of 10 people you ask will make a purchase to support your group. Why? Because you, or your child, asked for their support. The results when the fundraising is done in person just are so much better!

We’ve also learned that Little Caesars Fundraising fans are a dedicated bunch! Our team in Detroit heard you all, and introduced not one – but TWO – new products for 2021 – 2022. Even better, our traditional, order-form based program is going stronger than ever. Your messages to us have been loud and clear: you LOVE the value and quality of Little Caesars and LOVE getting three pizzas in your kit (the virtual program only offers two) for just about the cost of a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready from one of the restaurants.

Check out our online flipbook of the current Little Caesars 2021-22 Fundraising Catalog. You’ll see the new products on pages three and six. Catalogs are free and so is delivery to your school or other group location with your order of just 100 items or more (100 items earns you $600 profit, too!).

For more than 20 years, thousands of smart group leaders…men and women who know that quality, name brand recognition and value are always winners…have chosen Little Caesars Pizza Kits for their group’s fundraising needs. We’ve been part of the Little Caesars team for almost 18 years and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

There will always be a place for our virtual world. But, I bet you agree: there’s nothing like seeing grandma in person and being together with her to bake your Little Caesars kits for dinner when you take it to her on delivery day. And no phone app, computer or camera can beat that – any day.

Call us or send us a message here on the site to get hooked up with your Little Caesars Fundraising program. We can help make it easy. We will help make it profitable. You’ll look like a fundraising genius.