Little Caesars® Pizza Kits
Name Brand Fundraising That’s Easy and Profitable

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits
Make Fundraising Easy.

A Little Caesars® Fundraiser means Profit, Value, Quality & Service.

Over 13,000 smart group leaders – just like you – have earned millions of dollars with a Little Caesars Fundraiser. Your smart fundraising choice is Little Caesars® Pizza Kits – the fundraiser that has your profits baked right in! Earn $6 for each Pizza Kit sold and watch profits from your Little Caesars Fundraiser add up – fast.

Start Selling Little Caesars Pizza Kits

Start Selling! We have in person and online options for Little Caesars Fundraising. We are expecting an October 2020 start date for touch-free virtual Little Caesars Pizza Kit sales. Call us today at 724-238-3470 to start or learn more about fundraising with Little Caesars Pizza Kits!

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits are not just a fundraiser … they’re dinner!

Choose Little Caesars® Pizza Kits fundraising for a delicious, value priced fundraiser. Ask us today about online Little Caesars Fundraising options! It’s the fundraiser that delivers restaurant quality pizzas in the convenience of your own home and the only pizza fundraiser backed by over 4,000 Little Caesars® Pizza Restaurants…a brand everyone knows and one you can trust for quality and value. Your group will earn $6 for every item sold. Your materials are always free. Free order tallying and free delivery is available. 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month! It’s Not Just a Fundraiser … It’s Dinner!

Can we do a Little Caesars Fundraiser Online?

Yes! We have several fundraising options for your Little Caesars Sale. We can provide you with paper order forms. We currently offer Little Caesars online ordering and (coming soon!) a all-new Little Caesars Virtual Fundraiser with a no-touch delivery! You expect quality and value for your money. Little Caesars is known as a value leader and you’ll find that our Pizza Kits deliver with superior taste and affordability. You’ll love your Little Caesars Fundraiser! You’ll be pleased with our delicious, convenient, and economical fundraising products!

Little Caears® Pizza Kits make it easy for you to raise funds with a trusted brand name.

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits are the top-performing pizza fundraiser in the U.S. It’s easy to raise the funds that you need with a nationally-recognized brand name. Little Caesars® delivers value! By making our Pizza Kits in a Little Caesars®-owned bakery, our Pizza Kit prices are lower than any competing fundraiser. We offer free delivery by using Little Caesars national delivery network. And…your team, group, or organization will earn $6 for every item sold!

Arts & Performance

Anyone who has been involved in a performance or art-based program knows that the funding leaves something to be desired. We can help you to get those uniforms and ease the pressure of trying to raise funds while also learning routines and competing.


A shortage of funding can put a damper on your sporting season of choice. Allow us to help you obtain the funds that you need for travel and competition, so that you and your students can keep your eyes on the ball and heads in the game.

Groups & Clubs

We have helped groups ranging from church youth and non-school sports to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, dance teams and community groups. Wherever there is a lack of funding, our programs are extremely successful in bridging the gap.


We are proud to have been involved in many fundraising teams for causes from cancer research, and organ donation to community groups such as volunteer fire departments. Raising money for a good cause doesn’t have to be difficult!

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