Everyone benefits from Mrs. Fields® cookie dough!
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Raise some dough with
Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough!

A Mrs. Fields® Fundraiser is oh…soo…easy and delicious

Mrs. Fields® pre-portioned cookie dough is a natural product – with no funny ingredients. Real grain, delicious name brand chocolate chips, natural fruit. When it comes to delivering cookie magic, Mrs. Fields® has it down! Mrs. Fields® knows cookie dough. Mrs. Fields® is a leading brand your supporters will know and can trust. Fundraising coordinators prefer brand name products because they are easy to sell. It’s no wonder Mrs. Fields® cookie dough is amazingly yummy and so convenient.

Showing Baked Mrs. Fields® Fundraising Cookies

How Long Will it Take to Have a Mrs. Fields® Fundraiser?

We recommend about 2 weeks plus a few days for order turn in when selling your Mrs. Fields® fundraiser. And then about 21 days for order turnaround and delivery. Your delivery is free and a delivery date will be scheduled and approved by you, in advance.

Mrs. Fields® Cookie Dough makes it easy for you to raise money with a brand name known and trusted for over 40 years.

The Same Recipe Created Over 40 Years Ago by Debbie Fields Mrs. Fields® cookie dough is pre-portioned and packaged in a handy flat cardboard box to preserve freshness and flavor. Not only does Mrs. Fields® loves our recyclable packages and fundraising purchasers prefer a flat box over plastic bulk tubs or other cookie dough packaging.

Finally, we our value-added support creates fundraising success for all types of organizations … schools, churches or other community groups.

Debbie Fields is the Real Mrs. Fields

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Anyone who has been involved in a performance or art-based program knows that the funding leaves something to be desired. We can help you to get those uniforms and ease the pressure of trying to raise funds while also learning routines and competing.


A shortage of funding can put a damper on your sporting season of choice. Allow us to help you obtain the funds that you need for travel and competition, so that you and your students can keep your eyes on the ball and heads in the game.

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We have helped groups ranging from church youth and non-school sports to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, dance teams and community groups. Wherever there is a lack of funding, our programs are extremely successful in bridging the gap.


We are proud to have been involved in many fundraising teams for causes from cancer research, and organ donation to community groups such as volunteer fire departments. Raising money for a good cause doesn’t have to be difficult!

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