How to Order Little Caesars Fundraising Products Online

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits
Name Brand Fundraising That’s Easy and Profitable

How to Place an Online Little Caesars Fundraising Order

Before you place your order be sure to have the Little Caesars Pizza fundraiser ID number (provided by the seller) and the participant’s correct name (so they get credit for the sale). When you are ready, please click here or click the button below – you’ll be taken to the Little Caesars Pizza Kits Online ordering page. There is no delivery charge; your items will be shipped to the group and delivered to you by the student or group member who you supported with your order. Thank you for choosing  the Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser from Green Top Fundraising, LLC.

Learn More About Little Caesars® Fundraisers For Your Group.

Using a brand such as Little Caesars® will give your fundraiser instant awareness, and that will get you on the fast track to a successful fundraiser. Your fundraising group earns $6.00 per kit sold! Fundraising with Little Caesars Kits. Click on the GET STARTED button below or call us at 1-866-706-0789. Little Caesars® Fundraising is America’s #1 Pizza Fundraiser – and we can’t wait to work with your group!