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Looking for a Fundraiser Near You? We're YOUR Little Caesars Experts!

Name Brands Like Little Caesars® and Otis Spunkmeyer® make fundraising easy, profitable, and even fun!

Fundraising for the Fine Arts? Everyone Loves Little Caesars Pizza Kits and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies!

Let’s face it, fine arts and music group programs are underfunded everywhere. Artists who are involved in programs like Marching Band, Cheerleading, Dance, and Liberal Arts know that they have work to do to raise money as a part of their involvement in the program. A Little Caesars Fundraiser is like money in the bank. Little Caesars knows fundraising and our program is built on quality, value and easy profits for your group.

Our passion is to ease that burden. With a history of working with school programs involving uniform purchase and field trips to performance or event locations, we understand the balance between following your passion and funding it. Even the smallest groups are able to raise money with Little Caesars Kits or Otis Cookies quickly with a profit of at least $6 per item sold!


How Long Will it Take to Deliver My Little Caesars Products?

Start Selling! We recommend 2 weeks for selling and about two weeks for Pizza Kits turnaround, slightly longer for cookies. Delivery of 100 kits or more is free and we’ll help you schedule a Little Caesars delivery that is on a day and time that works for you.

Our Team Will Help You Sell.

Take advantage or our fundraising experience! We will not only provide your fundraising products, but our team acts as a local consultative service for your group at no extra charge to you. We believe that you are the hero when it comes to raising money for your. When raising money is necessary, it’s important to keep things easy and fun. That’s why we choose to raise funds with name brands that are nationally and internationally recognized, and that everyone already loves!

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits

Little Caesars® Pizza Kits are a value priced fundraiser delivering restaurant quality pizzas in the convenience of your own home.

Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough

Our Otis Spunkmeyer® fundraising cookie dough is pre-portioned and packaged for freshness and flavor.

Arts & Performance

Anyone who has been involved in a performance or art-based program knows that the funding leaves something to be desired. We can help you to get those uniforms and ease the pressure of trying to raise funds while also learning routines and competing.


A shortage of funding can put a damper on your sporting season of choice. Allow us to help you obtain the funds that you need for travel and competition, so that you and your students can keep your eyes on the ball and heads in the game.

Groups & Clubs

We have helped groups ranging from church youth and non-school sports to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, dance teams and community groups. Wherever there is a lack of funding, our programs are extremely successful in bridging the gap.


We are proud to have been involved in many fundraising teams for causes from cancer research, and organ donation to community groups such as volunteer fire departments. Raising money for a good cause doesn’t have to be difficult!

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